Dec 30, 2010

James Brown Vs Fatboy Slim - I Feel Good

Erykah Badu Vs Portishead

Time has come - Portishead, DJ Shadow & Unkle

Tori Amos, Bjork, Pj Harvey, Massive Attack Mix (Wax Audio)

Patricia Kaas - Les Hommes Qui Passent

Nov 27, 2010

Philippe Claudel’s…

…Philippe Claudel’s novel, Les âmes grises, ( Renaudot, 2003), which is also a film with a script written by the author himself. In a world which describes best itself by discord and cheap abuses, Claudel’s book tries to make us all remember for what is worth to stick together, because “There are not only bastards or saints into this world. There is not only white or black, but grey. It is the same with people and their souls…You yourself, you are a grey soul, like everyone else” ( the source is the Romanian edition of the novel, Polirom , Bucharest, 2007)

Nov 14, 2010

“Silence” ( Edgar Lee Masters)

“I have known the silence of the stars and of the sea,
And the silence of the city when it pauses,
And the silence of a man and of a maiden,
And the silence of which music alone finds the word,
And the silence of the woods before the winds of spring begin,
And the silence of the sick
When their eyes roam about the room,
And I ask: for the depths
Of what use is the language?”

Oct 30, 2010

Death Note

What would you do if one day... an ordinary day, during which, most probably, nothing unusual would happen, the unusual is becoming reality? I'm not talking about any event that imagination can fill up with fantastic and exaggerated features due to the desire of "spicing"a bit the usual... I'm not talking about such false and pardonable failure; I'm talking about the real deal. Something that, like any real deal, appears as a common one. It doesn't draw one's attention the first time because of that, and none the less, at a closer look, because one cannot conceive the purpose for its existence. If this very purpose is in fact, profound and universal one, its credibility diminishes considerably. The object is plain notebook, its purpose is dangerous, fascinating, catchy... Except for the user's instructions, numerous, but clear and simple, the first one is enough to support the previous statement: any person whose name is written in the notebook having this person's image in one's mind, shall die.. From this moment on this specific "rule"stands for the plot of a story whit infinite climaxes in a deployment which hurries up towards an explanation-end, moral and accurate. If the one who finds it is, on account, a highschool student, incredibly bright, with a strong sense of justice and authentic features of megalomania, suffering from a God complex, everything becomes, all of a sudden, even more interesting. What would someone like him do with such power? What would anyone do? How would a common person react in this kind of situation? How would the authorities deal whit it? To cut the story short, what would be the general reaction face to the possibility of creating a new world in which evil would be abolished; a world in which God is fair and good and right, but in a more fast, pragmatic, obviously involved way. Do I have the right of becoming God if my intentions are peaceful, but the instrument I use is crime? Do I have the right to kill, to punish, to throw stones at people? Subjective selection, indisputably flattering... One can only find the answers to all these questions in one of the few Anime which has made me want to see more of them - Death Note. I can hardly wait to watch the movie as well. Because there is a movie as well... fortunately. At least I hope so... in the same way I've hoped for another end. It seems that God is not, by all means, good.

Oct 17, 2010


"Slychain", "Frayed", "Sunsetter"...


The Experiment

Resembling the screening of “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess and Pär Lagerkvist’s “The Dwarf”, “The Experiment” (2010) it's a movie which astounds by the violent realism of its message.
A portrait in the mirror of the humanity within each and everyone of us, an attempt of objectifying and generalizing that particular part, profoundly humane, subjective, which burst out in an antagonistic, coercive context, a hidden, but a strong desire to cry out loud the truth.
The outer knowledge and its awareness become necessities as vital as the need for air, water or food.
Aggressive, but not of a free aggression, the movie is unbelievably complex due to the simplicity with which it chooses to bring forward, on the one hand-the frustration, the fixation, the malice, the carelessness, the ability of standing neuter, the perversity, the illness, and, on the other hand- the pacifism, the love, the care for one another, the justice, the capacity of fighting against its absence- in a word, the movie brings forward the Man.
Suddenly everything becomes unimportant when it comes to survival, when all masks are forced to drop and all lies are forced to vanish one by one; when it comes to being a real person in an unreal game, apparently absurd and lacking rules, which is life itself.
The Experiment is you within this game, and the moral, the conclusion which one educes that there is nothing worse or more indecent than morals, prejudice and false self-knowledge.
One of the movies which does not mean to prove or to teach no one anything. We all know the truth. Its openness is unbearable. As it happens with the openness of the depth and the maturity of this movie's story.

Annie Lennox - No More "I love you's"

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony

Buddha Bar - Bliss

Sade - No Ordinary Love

Sting - Fields of Gold

Oct 11, 2010


       "Inception" is a movie about dream and reality, about the almost insignificant discrepancy between dream and reality... it's a movie about perception. It's a movie about our subconscious obsessions and about their fake generosity. It's a movie about weakness and our weaknesses. It's a movie about choice, about the implications and the complications after making this particular choice. It's a movie about ability and creative power vs. thousands of subjective - collective inabilities. Philosophical, psychological and symbolic depths - all of them are really being communicated through emotion, reason just playing the part of an instrument, of a way of transmitting the emotion. The emotion arrives to us through any way possible to imagine - sound, color, detail, image. Its perception is the only reality known, accepted and assumed. Its perception is the only real dream which bounds us all and brings us closer to what we are meant and able to build. Reality is the dream that suits one best. The one in which guilt, incapacity and anguish disappear and the strong desire find their calling, their answer. The dream is the reality that you can bear in order to survive.